So, What’s “That’s All Maj Wrote” About?

A mission statement, if you wish.

A way to keep myself ‘on track’ and make sure I don’t forget my roots when I get swept back up in the blogging world.

So, what is That’s All Maj Wrote actually about?

It’s about having a safe place for me to just write when things get too much. Its about being able to get my darkest and biggest secrets out of my head, giving me some much needed space. It’s about sharing what matters to me, even when they might not matter to others, so I can look back and smile. It’s about writing about whatever the hell I want to, without feeling pressured to fit in with the ‘conformed’ blogosphere I grew to hate.

Okay, so I’m getting a bit carried away. But, you get the gist. I just want a place to write that feels like me and not some weird online version of me that has altered perceptions.

I’ll write about my love of books, photography and art. I’ll write about my battle with mental health and the general thoughts I come up with on a daily basis – just because I want to.  And, I won’t care if no one has read them because I want to go back to writing for me and not for those that might turn up (but never do).

So, if you think that’s something you might like, please do stick around. I’d love to get to know you and see what you thought. If not? That’s okay too. I don’t expect anyone to have even noticed me, let alone want to stick by long term.

Writing has always had this ‘release’ feeling for me when things get bad. I miss it and if that’s the only thing I gain again from starting a blog again, then I’m perfectly okay with that.