Blogging Is My Safe Haven

One of my most favourite type of blog posts to read are little life updates. The ones that make you want to find a good blanket, make a cup of tea (or a glass of OJ if you’re like me and don’t drink any hot drinks) and make you feel all cosy inside when you read them. They don’t have to be happy or sad, funny or heart wrenching, they are just about the writer sitting down at their computer and writing – a growing lost art if you as me.

They’re my favourite types of posts to write too because, for me, the process of just sitting down and letting my fingers type away without really thinking is just so freeing. Letting all those cobwebs, thoughts and feelings find a way out of my head just automatically makes me feel better and, truth be told, I’ve never found anything else that makes me feel like that.

So, in order to honour a past time I crave so dearly and enjoy so much, I’ve deemed Sundays a day dedicated to a blog post that would give me that cosy inside, comfort feeling – named Sunday Solace. Admittedly, on reflection, it might not give you that cosy feeling but I’m feeling a bit selfish – sorry not sorry.

As my previous time in the blogging world came to an end, I noticed more and more that there was The Battle of the Niches going on, something I, personally, don’t agree with. It was frowned upon to call yourself a blogger or to be writing a blog if it didn’t fit into a prescript category.

But, why?  Why do we have to conform to a certain category of writing and why should I feel like I don’t belong in the blogging world if I write about whatever the hell I want to? Shouldn’t blogging be about the enjoyment you get from writing and you just doing you?

It’s one of the main reasons why I see myself in this constant serial blogger type relationship. I just can’t keep up with the constant guilt that comes from not fitting in, not writing a post or feeling like I’m not good enough. Not only that, along with this added pressure has come an awful attitude from other bloggers; an attitude that means it’s okay to be negative about others and what they’re doing – it’s just not okay. Why we’re tearing each other down, instead of building each other up to make the most amazing blogosphere there ever did live, I don’t know. 

For me, blogging is a safe haven. A place for me to get out my feelings or thoughts, a place that I don’t have to share what I’m thinking with those closest to me and, instead, I can share how I’m feeling with those I know aren’t judging me. I had a few very dark years and I think I can safely say that blogging helped save my life.

When I felt like I had no one, blogging proved me wrong.

When I was awake in the middle of the night, blogging was there for me to lean on, to keep me company and bring me solace.

When I was ready to take a step back into reality, blogging was there to hold my hands and some of my closest, real life friends, come from blogging.

It’s important in times like these, when the negativity is taking over the good, to remember why we are here and what we’re blogging for. For me, that is writing for my health; to feel better and, even if only for a couple of minutes a day, to feel like I’m not alone. Remember why you started and hold onto it for dear like because, darling, it’s what made you, you.