5 Posts to Read This Week

It’s Monday – the worst day of the week. I believe quite strongly that, if Monday was a person, they’d be the person everyone would avoid the most because they’re too weird and awkward. Oops.

So, as a way to spread some joy on this miserable day, I thought I’d share I am just loving this week. Cuz, y’know, everyone loves sharing a bitta love – as long as they don’t catch any germs – and finds new blog posts to read.

How to Balance Blogging with a Full Time Job | Sophie Cliff

I only found out about Sophie over the weekend and I’m already addicted to her blog. Her content is top notch, something I know she prides herself on a lot, and I’ve not found a post yet which I haven’t loved!

This particular gem is something that resonates with me a lot. The fact I struggle during term time to keep up with blogging is a battle I’ve faced with all the other times I’ve blogged (and I’m sure it will become a problem again when school comes back around in September). I struggle with the guilt that becomes attached to it.

Sophie has some great tips to help though which I’ll have to make sure I jump on come September.

The Worst Thing About Mental Illness | Vix Meldrew

I haven’t talked much about my mental health yet here, something I’m planning to do soon. However, there are a few angels out there that do blog about it. When I read their posts, I just feel so warm and fuzzy knowing I’m not alone.

5 Blogging Myths I No Longer Believe | Sophie Cliff

Another absolute gem from Sophie Cliff. When I first got into blogging a few years back, everyone was telling me what I should or shouldn’t do, even going as far as to make me feel bad if I went against the conventions.

I nearly leapt out of my seat shouting PREACH IT, sista to the no niche one. What happened to just writing and doing what you want to do?

30 Books to Read Before the End of 2017 | Emmie

I am a prolific reader and, if I’m being completely honest, it’s one of my all time favourite hobbies. In fact, it’s probably one of the only things I still truly love now as much as much as I did as a child. As I’ve said before, I just love being able to get lost in a book, leaving my own world and all its troubles behind.

My to be read pile is bigger than ever and it’s safe to say that, after reading this list, it’s got even bigger.

Everyone Has A Different Path. Graduating: 2 Years On | Rhianna Olivia

When I think back to what I expected my life to be like when I was 26, I actually laugh my socks off. In fact, if anyone is where they expected themselves to be as an adult, their life panned out exactly how they expected it to, I applaud you. 

Sometimes it’s hard not to make yourself feel guilty or put pressure on yourself to be exactly what you imagined as a younger version of yourself. But, that’s just it, you were younger (and probably more naive).

Rhianna’s post just helped to put me at ease a bit. It helped me to remember that I’m not failing if my life hasn’t planned out exactly how I thought it would or, dare I say it, how my friends life is panning out. We’ve all got our own path and you never know what’s around the corner. That’s life, darling. 

What posts have you loved reading this week? I’d love to read some of them!