The Blogging Bug

I got the blogging bug. Again. 

On the off chance some of you recognise me, I’m sure you’ll be thinking ‘not another blog – how can this woman be on ANOTHER one.’ But, alas, it is true. Another blog bit the dust, along with all the creativity I had in me.




That was, until my creativity came back.

I wasn’t expecting that.

Now, part of me is in denial that it’s because I’m on a summer break from work (I’m a teacher, btw) and it frees up a lot of space in my mind. Instead of thinking about 30 sprogs every minute of every day, I think about them every 8 minutes instead, leaving a bit of viewing time for other musings that I have going on.

And, the bottom line is, I missed blogging.

I missed being able to turn up, write down my thoughts and have the feeling of absolute release. 

That’s why I stared That’s All Maj Wrote on WordPress. It was free, a way for me to get back into blogging – a way to get my realise back.

I vowed that I wouldn’t connect social media, go self hosted and all the other things, because I didn’t want the guilt attached; the guilt and pressure I put on myself to blog and to make sure I was keeping up with everyone else.

That’s when I realised I was wrong.

I didn’t need to stop putting money into something I loved and that gave me such joy. I needed to stop putting so much pressure on myself to be like everyone else: to post regularly, to have a massive social media following and to be making my mark. I needed to stop doing that because that’s not what blogging is for me. 

I’ve talked about it already in this post (and several other times since starting blogging again). Blogging gives me such joy because it’s a way for me to feel free. To get my thoughts out on paper and to stop clogging up air space. It doesn’t actually matter to me if no one comments, if I don’t have as big a presence online as some of the people I consider blogging Gods. The only thing that actually matters is that I enjoy it – and I do.

That might mean that during term times I get absolutely no posts written, loose everyone that’s following me and have to start all over again in three months time. But, that’s okay because that’s being a hell of a lot more realistic than thinking I’ll actually be able to post every week.

It’s about time that I stopped trying to keep up with everyone else’s expectations and lived up to my own.

So, with that complete badass-going-against-all-the-rules attitude, I bring you the brand spanking new (and completely self hosted) That’s All Maj Wrote.

A place for me to write my deepest and darkest secrets*. A place for me to enjoy writing again and, simply, a place for me to feel free. My own, small slice of the internet to document my hectic life – the memories I want to cherish, as well as the ones that I would prefer not to remember. A way to share all the photos I’ve taken that I adore, that capture my thoughts and feelings in one click.

A place to record my outburst of wanderlusts and my screams of self loathing.

If it doesn’t work out, that’s okay. I’ve tried at least 3 other times, on top of this one, so why change a habit of a life time.

That also means new social links, which you can find below!

Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin’

I’ve opted to skip Pintrest cuz, like, I’ve tried it 57237 times and I’ve never got the hang of it. Does anyone actually know how to use it?

So, here it goes. Stepping back into the blogosphere. Again.

It’s probably all going to go completely wrong, with lots of blogging hiatuses. But, do you know what? That’s the beauty of life. You’re never quite sure what’s around the corner!

(Plus, y’never know, this could be the time it takes off… maybe…)

*Okay, maybe not my deepest and darkest secrets, but I’m sure it will be more than what most of the people in my real life actually know – oops.