The Social Media Detox

When I first set this blog up, I made a pledge that I wasn’t going to have any social media links attached to it. My blog was just going to be about writing and nothing else. I obviously failed at that. A few weeks later, I went self hosted and added social media links – my bad.

Social media is brilliant. I can stay in contact with those I used to see daily, I can share blog posts and drive traffic to my site, I can even see what people are eating for dinner if I really want to.

However, along with all the positives comes a whole load of sh*t. 

And, I hate it.

I hate the slagging people off, the condescending comments and the judging. It’s just not needed and it just makes everyone’s live so negative. It’s a big part of the reason I kept leaving blogging in the first place and why I’m a social media hiatus from my personal Twitter. I’m not 12 and, to be honest, I just ain’t go the energy for it.

So, that’s why I am a regular social media detox-er.

I delete social media apps off my phone, log out on anything I don’t want to be updated about and just breath the fresh air.

Okay, it’s the same air as before, but it feels fresher. Mainly because it’s not filled with everyone else’s drama.

It’s also why I like using the unfollow button so often, cuz I just ain’t got time for that nonsense. I didn’t when I was 12, let alone when I’m 26 and meant to be running my own life.

I love social media and, as sad as it sounds, I think I would struggle to give it up completely. I guess I grew up when it grew up too. We’re like old, long lost friends.

But, no matter how close a friend we are. If you’re going to be a negative influence in my life, I’m going to drop you quicker than Ross drops the ‘we were on a break!’ line.

I don’t want to follow people that bring drama to my life.

I want to follow people that make me feel like I’m not alone. I want my social media to be a place that showcases peoples most treasured achievements, but also their worst. I don’t want a fake stream of people coming in and I certainly don’t want their high school drama.

But, most importantly, I want a stream where people are supportive and up lifting. Where those around me are building people back up when they fall, instead of judging them and, dare I say it, getting some form of gratitude out of people’s misfortunes.

Sometimes, it really bogs me down, which is where the social media detox comes in.

It gives me time to think about things, calm down and reassess what’s going on around me. What I want to see and what I don’t want to see.

And, if at the end of all of that, I unfollow a load of people then so be it. It’s my life, my choices, innit?

Cuz, babycakes, I’m an adult and I am determined to have an awesome life. Not helping my awesomeness become a reality? Then it’s bye, bye chickas.