50 Happy Things

I am always a pessimist. Ask anyone that knows me and I would bet on them telling you that I’ll always see the negatives before I even dream about the positives, especially when it comes to myself.

However, I was reflecting on how different my life is now, even compared to a year ago, and all the things I have around me that make me happy or bring me some sort of joy. So, naturally, I’ve turned it into a post cuz I know I’ll need all the inspiration I can get when September whizzes back round.

1. Pressing snooze on my alarm clock

2. Lying on the beach, letting all my worries wash away with the shore of the sea

3. Laughing like no one has ever laughed before with my bestie, especially when it’s about something no one else would get

4. Not gonna lie, finding the ‘perfect’ meme

5. The rolling eyes emoji

6. Going on warm holidays

7. Binge watching shows on Netflix

8. Unexpected afternoon naps

9. Spotify on repeat

10. Getting hooked on the perfect book

11. Teaching

12. Last minute nights out – why are they always the best?

13. Lazy weekend mornings

14. Spaghetti Bolognese

15. Finding amazing on Spotify of my favourite songs

16. PJ days

17. A really good pudding

18. Singing at the top of my voice for no other reason than I can

19. Hair with messy volume

20. Despicable Me

21. Kit Kat Chunkys

22. Friends (the TV show, though my real ones as well, obvs)

23. Taking the perfect photo

24. Spending hours editing photos

25. Just about any song from the 90s

26. Laughing with friends I haven’t seen for a long time

27. Candles

28. Finding a new outfit that becomes ‘the one’

29. Laughing at boy’s Tinder profiles

30. Mushu from Mulan (and Mulan in general, to be honest)

31. Being sarcastic

32. Lounging by a pool on holiday

33. Playing netball

34. Sunset

35. Cute tattoos

36. Seeing other people in love

37. Just about any Disney film (only old school Disney – what even is Frozen?)

38. Kid logic

39. Steak and cheese sandwiches

40. Meeting new people that I just have an instant connection with

41. Archers and lemonade

42. Writing to feel free

43. Exploring new places

44. My tattoo

45. Nicely painted toe nails

46. CSI and NCSI: LA

47.  Pasta – all.of.the.pasta.

48. Cocktails

49. Inspirational quotes

50. Just being me


What brings you joy?