In October, I’m Currently…

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve always wanted a way to ‘sum up’ or review the month that has gone by. I’ve usually tried it by either writing some weird, ramble-like post or by doing a collection of my favourite things that month. As much as I love a big, ramble-like post, I don’t want it to be what my blog is all about. Plus, they take a long time to write. And, on reflection, a post name ‘my xxxx favourites this month’ just isn’t really my style.

It wasn’t until I stopped by Emmie’s blog, a little slice of the internet that I look at daily, that I got the inspiration for this post. A new way to create a way of keeping track all the things you loved from that month but in a way that wasn’t too ramble-y or long. So, a big thanks to Emmie for giving me the inspiration and to Google who gave me a list of over 100 verbs that I could choose from for this post!

In October, I am currently….

reading: Turtles All The Way Down by John Green. There’s a lot of hype around this book, so it better not disappoint! I also managed to finish They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera and The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord, both of which entertained me sufficiently!

feeling: a bit lost if I’m honest with you. I don’t cope well in the winter, let alone when I’m having a few meltdowns…

drinking: Sprite Zero. I’ve come to terms with my unhealthy obsession with Sprite being bad for me but giving it up altogether isn’t something that’s going to happen over night!

watching: reruns of Gilmore Girls, Friends and Brooklyn 99. Please send me boxset recommendations – I’m desperate!

obsessing over: Caramel Digestives. The best of both the chocolate and the biscuit worlds to be honest.

getting frustrated by: how people think it’s okay to treat each other like poo. Don’t be snakey, it’s not cool.

grateful for: understanding friends and family who have actually stuck by me when things started to crumble.

listing to: Revenge by Pink and Eminem. On repeat. All day.

wishing: that I could be back on the beach in Ibiza, where I felt happy and at peace with myself!