The Breakdown

Book: The Breakdown
Author: B.A.Paris
Rating: ★★★

“It isn’t fear that I feel, but terror. It drains the blood from my face and robs me of my breath, knots my insides and turns my limbs to jelly.”

The Breakdown is the 2nd book from bestselling author B.A. Paris, the writer who gave us Behind Closed Doors. To say I was dying to read this book was an understatement. I’d devoured Behind Closed Doors in less than 24 hours and it was definitely my favourite thriller I’d read since Girl on the Train. But, was I disappointed?


The Breakdown follows the story of a Cass – a young, successful woman. After a night out with her work colleagues, she drives home determined to beat the storm that is brewing but, instead of going the safe way her husband demands, she travels down Blackwater Lane, where she sees a mysterious car pulled up in a lay by. Too scared to get out of the car herself, she travels home, but it isn’t until the next day she doubts the decisions she’s made.

You see, the car she past had a woman in it.

A woman that is now murdered.

“But the truth is, I don’t know how much more of myself I can take. I’m ashamed of how pathetically feeble I’ve become.”

From that night on, her life goes from bad to worse. The guilt that plagues her from not getting out her car to help the young women grows bigger every day. Not only that, she’s forgetting everything. It started off as little things: forgetting where she parked her car and how to use the washing machine. But soon, it spirals out of control and she’s convinced she’s loosing control of her life.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy The Breakdown, however, I certainly wasn’t as hooked, especially at the start, as I was with Behind Closed Doors. The story is a bit slow to start with and I spent a lot of time wondering when the twist was going to come in – though I can understand why every bit of information given to the reader was important.

In fact, I think I was about 60% through the book until the twist came in and boy, I wasn’t expecting that. I’d thought about a lot of different scenarios, but what actually unfolds wasn’t any of the ways I expected the book finishing. From that point on, I read the rest of the book in one go because I wanted to know how it could all be possible!

All in all, a good thriller. A bit slow paced to begin with but had me hooked by the end. I still love B.A. Paris as an author and can’t wait for her new release in February 2018!

“How did it come to this, that any noise, not just the phone ringing, makes my heart race, my skin prickle with unease?”

What have you read recently that you enjoyed?