5 Months Later…

So, it’s officially been just over 5 months since I did any form of blogging. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed or even bothered that I haven’t blogged for that long. When I first set all That’s All Maj Wrote, I made it pretty clear that it was going to be a guilt free zone where I could write when things got too much, when I needed a break or when I just wanted to.

As I’ve written many times before, I’ve blogged so many times on so many different platforms and I’ve always ended up deleting them every.single.time. Time and time again I fall out of love with blogging, go off it or simply get caught up in life and don’t have time to do it. But, that’s okay. Blogging is not my business, isn’t my whole life and, to be honest, (at this moment of time) it isn’t my biggest priority.

However, just recently, blogging has started to consume my thought process again. I’ve started to wonder what it would be like for my sanity and mental health if I started writing again; I’ve began to wonder if I could get back to juggling it alongside my life and give myself something to aspire to again. I figure there’s no hard in trying.

I think I’ll have a bit of a tidy up: delete a few posts, check things are still inline with what I want. But, that’s exactly the point – what do I want? I am near certain that all I want is a little bit of a space to write. Whether that be about what’s on my mind, a little list post or a book review on what I’ve been reading. I don’t want to lose the art of writing and I figure if I plan on ever finishing that book I started writing it’d be for the best if I kept trying to master the skill.

Blogging was there for me so many time when people couldn’t be. When I didn’t know how to say the words I felt, my fingers found a way to type them. It was my save haven – my own little slice of the world to brain dump and get out how I was feeling – and I miss it. I miss feeling safe and know I have a small place to call my own.

So, what now?

I think I’ll do a little catch up post, give my blog a tidy up, change a few bits of the aesthetics to get me raring to go again and I think I might even use the #BlurtSelfCareathon that they started in April to get my creativity running for ideas to blog about. Sure, I’m a whole month late, but who said selfcareathons had to only start and end in April?!

Until we meet again….