On Loving Life As An Adult

I am of an age where people often reflect on their life and always wish to go back. Back to university, back to being a kid, back to just some point in their life where they weren’t an ‘adult’; a time where they didn’t have to make tough choices. People are fed up with having to pay bills, having to go to work or generally having to make choices that they don’t like.

Apparently being an adult is pretty damn hard and I think it’s got a bit of a bad rep. I mean, I get it. Being an adult is hard work but, do you know what? I really bloody love it and I wouldn’t go back in time for anything.

To say I love being an adult is maybe a little bit strong – nobody loves the fact they’ve got to tidy their own house or pay a bill – but I definitely prefer where I am in life now to any time that I’ve lived before. My childhood was tough, my teens were even harder and don’t even get me started on the first half of my twenties. They were the biggest shit storm you could ever ask for.

But now? Now I’m settled and a ‘grown up’ (I nearly cried when my teaching assistant told me she thought ‘young adult’ was anyone younger than the age of 25), I  really love the person I have become and the life I have. I worked damned hard for it and I wouldn’t go back and change any of decisions or experiences I had living up to them. Simply because my life would be a lot shitter if I hadn’t gone through them.

To be honest, being an adult is pretty cool because…


Remember the days where you had to ask permission to go out, to eat, to wear certain clothes? I don’t have to do that anymore. I can do what I want, even say what I want, when I want and nobody can do anything about it. Don’t like it? That’s okay by me, hun. You know where the door is… don’t let it hit you on the way out of my life.


Remember going to school every day, worrying if someone was going to laugh at your hair, tease you for wearing certain clothes or panicking that you’d said the wrong thing and you’d be slated for it for the rest of your life? Yeah, I don’t have that anymore. I know this sort of builds on the point above, but man alive I give absolutely zero shits about what people think. Don’t like what I’ve said? Get over it. Don’t like what I’m wearing? Get over it. Don’t think I should be acting in a certain way? Get over it. I don’t care what you think and you shouldn’t care what I think either. Live your best life for you and no one else.


I spent a long time as a kid and growing up not thinking I was good enough, whether that be as a person, looks or any other category. I didn’t like who I was, I didn’t think people would like me and I had rock bottom confidence. The more I’ve grown, particularly through my twenties, I’ve learnt that, in fact, I am a kick ass woman with an A-plus personality and I bloody love it.


A few months ago, a friend of mine was talking to me and had mentioned how he never thought we’d fall out cuz, duh, we’re adults now and we don’t just wake up one morning deciding we don’t like someone, never speaking to them again. Well, actually hun, you’re wrong. I regularly wake up, decide that someone has annoyed me enough to make me never want to talk to them again and, subsequently I don’t talk to them again. I’m 26 and, I’m sorry but, if you do something that isn’t what I see a ‘good, positive influence’ in my life then sorry hun, I’m probably gonna cut you out. And, I’m not even sorry about it.


I have spent most of my 26 years on Earth very sick and very depressed. However, growing up and being an adult means that I have finally learnt from those experiences, realising that they made me stronger and shaped me as a person. For the first time in 26 years, I am stable, happy and healthy. But, would I swap this feeling now so I didn’t have to go through everything I’ve been through? Hell no. Cuz if I did I wouldn’t realise how incredibly lucky I am to feel this way.

What about you? What do you love about finally being an adult?