Four Things I Did To Get My Blogging Mojo Back

I woke up the other day desperate to blog; like if I didn’t do it a part of me was going to die. And, I loved the feeling. Blogging has always been such a realise for me and I was so glad that I got the spark back but, when I actually sat down to blog, there was nothing there. No inspiration for a post, no drafts I could pull out the bag and not even a massive love for my theme.

So, instead of just giving up again and letting the ol’ blog gather a few more cobwebs, I decided to go away, think about it and regroup. What was really going to get me back into the blogging game?

Well, a few things came to mind and they’ve really helped me feel motivated to by typing away here again. Let’s just hope they help it stick!


Okay, some might say this one is a little bit of a waste. Every six months or so I want to make a big come back to blogging, so I get a new theme, mess around with the aesthetics in the hope it motivates me to come back and stick with it. And, it does… for a few weeks or so anyway. After that, the cobwebs start to show again.

But, do you know what? I’ve decided I’m not that bothered. If I want to change the way my blog works then I can, for no other reason then it’s for me and not for you. Plus, it really does get the spark back into everything for me.


Best way to get me motivated when it comes to blogging? Sit me down in front of a computer and get me to catch up on all the posts written by the bloggers I used to love, as well as get me reading some more blogs. Nothing motivates me more than seeing amazing content because it makes me want to write amazing content too.


The best thing about blogging for me is that it is just so therapeutic: it makes me feel better on the inside and I often feel like a weight has been lifted after writing (especially if it’s about something a little bit more personal or about how I’m feeling). Therefore, all I’ve done for the past few days is sit down and write, waiting to see what happens. Sure, none of it is actually any good and will probably never see the light of day but other bits are actually okay and useable. If nothing else, the bits that won’t get seen have still helped me as I’ve managed to realise those thoughts!


I pipe on a lot about how writing, along with this blog, is for me and not for anyone else, and I really do mean it, honestly. But, I do think sometimes I give myself a little too much of a hard time and, inadvertently, I end up feeling a little bit guilty. However, this time I’ve been a lot better at giving myself a bit of a break. So what if I haven’t blogged for 5 weeks, months, years. Do I still want to do it? Yes. Has anyone died because I haven’t done it? No. Does anyone else apart from me even care? Probably not.

Therefore I’m banning all guilt from here on in. Don’t like it? You know where the door is!

What do you do to get back into the blogging buzz?