Six Good Things From June

Well, Lads. July is here and another month of 2018 has past us by. It was a funny old month, with a lot going on (including my birthday) and, for the first time ever, I felt like writing a mini favourites of all the best things that happened. Historically, these posts haven’t worked well for me – who can keep up with a weekly favourites anyway? – but I thought since I’d got the urge I’d give it a go anyway.


Right back at the beginning of June was half term and, along with relaxing, seeing friends and generally lazing around, I managed to spend some time falling back into love with writing. I seem to go through this routine a lot: during term time I’m too tired to be creative and so can’t think of anything to write about, bring around a holiday and all my juices come back at once, resulting in me getting obsessed again. I’ve managed to keep it alive a little bit since I got back into teaching, but it’s something I still need to work at to be honest!


June sees my day of birth and, this year, my bestie and I took to a day in London, where we went to see a show. We’re big in to those musicals and this time managed to get tickets for Aladdin. It’s was incredibly wonderful, with an AMAZING male cast that made me laugh until I cried!


Hasn’t this weather just been amazing? I know we’re all complaining its TOO hot, but let’s be honest, we all love sitting in the garden trying to get a sun tan and accidentally burning ourselves to bits. I’ve particularly enjoyed using to time to get myself back into reading (a post with the books I’ve read in June will be coming soon!) and pretending like I’m on a beach in Ibiza.


SURREY STORM! SURREY STORM! SURREY STORM! I play a lot of netball outside of school to try and keep me fit, meaning that I sometimes get chance to go down and see the local team that I support playing in the super league. This month saw the anniversary of Netball Live in London, with our home team hosting, and we ventured into London to support them. We might not have won, however it’s always nice to get caught up in the atmosphere of the game and watch how players play, dreaming that one day I’ll be able to play as good as them!


To be honest, I’ve just spent most of my time in June relaxing and listening to my body! I had a rocky few weeks with medication changes and was feeling quite low, but I’m happy to report that I’m starting to feel more myself again and I actually enjoyed just sitting around the house, watching tele and eating tea cakes like they’re going out of fashion.


I recently finished watching the last series of Scandal (what a series!) and was looking for something new to watch when I came across Station 19 on NowTV. Produce by the same people, it tells the story of a fire house in America. There were only 10 episodes but, oh my, I devoured them pretty quickly and I am left a bit scarred by the final episode where I was sat on the edge of my seating waiting to see what happened. If you love a good crime drama or a bit of an American TV drama, this one is for you.

What are your June favourites?