The Book Reveiw: July 2018

Well, I’m not going to lie, most of July was spent watching Love Island and, in turn, it meant that my reading suffered. Instead of reading before I went to bed, I was stuck watching the lives of some semi famous people I didn’t really care about – nothing more British than that, right?

However, I did get an extra books read compared to last month, so I’m taking it as a win.


The much anticipated sequel to Caraval, Legendary follows on from the previous books, telling the stories of Scarlett and Donatella. Written from the point of view from Donatella, this book follows the fall out of a bet that Tella made and, as she battles with the next Caraval game. But, can she stay alive long enough to settle her debt, by finding our Legend’s true identity, and finally getting the life that she wanted to live away from her abusive father?

Full of magic, twists and fantasy, I enjoyed this book even more than Caraval. With new settings, new stories to be told and even more magic than before, it kept me wanting to find out more and really standing behind Tella for her to get what she wanted. With a little bit of a love interest thrown in, what more could you want from a YA book.


Written from the point of view of Otis, Phantom Limbs follows the story of loss, grief and separation. Once upon a time, Otis and Meg had been inseparable. That is until one day Otis’ brother dies in a terrible accident and Meg completely disappeared, not only from the house next door but from his life altogether. It’s been three years of silence – and three years of being Dara’s swimming mission – when Otis learns that Meg is coming back to town. But, can they pick up where they left off?

But damaged doesn’t necessarily mean broken…. But broken doesn’t necessarily mean damaged.

This book actually came through the post as part of the Willoughby Book Club subscription that some friends gave me for my birthday. In fact, it was my first book from them and I tell you now, I was not disappointed! What I found especially interesting about this book is that, not only was it about mental health, but it was told from a boy’s perspective something that, personally, I don’t see a lot in the books that I read. I found it almost refreshing. I really enjoyed reading from Otis’ point of view and following his story, not only through his own loss, but those around him too.


Joe hasn’t seen his brother for a long time. One day, he went out and never returned. In fact, one day he went out and was accused of killing a cop and now he’s on death row. He’s due to be killed any day now and Joe has gone to finally get to know the brother he’s missed this whole time.

This book is different to any book I’ve read before, mainly because it was written in prose, something which I wasn’t expecting to enjoy. Following the story wasn’t always easy, but as someone who loves a good Life on Death Row documentary, this was right up my street. I do think that by being written in prose some details were missing, hence the three stars, but would be one to recommend for someone looking for something a little different!


Written by seven big time YA authors, Floored follows the story of six unlikely friends. The first day these group of people meet, it’s in the most unlikely situation – a lift, where someone has just died. From that day, on the anniversary, the six come together to catch up, help each other get through some of the trickiest situations they’ve ever had to cope with, sometimes fight and almost definitely form life long relationships.

Personally, I found Floored a bit bland. I expected so much more, especially considering how many big time authors were on the front cover, and I just found myself constantly wanting more. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very interesting concept, I’m just not sure it was executed in the best way!

What have you read this month?