Blogging Things I Need To Get Better At

Following on from my previous post about the future of That’s All Maj Wrote, I started to reflect on just how bad a blogger I am. I write the occasional post, post the odd photo on Instagram, read a few posts of Bloglovin’ and that’s about it as far as it goes.

I’m not intentionally a ‘bad blogger’, I’m just a bit lazy. I want it to be easier than it is and if it could hold my small attention span for more than 5 minutes, that would be grand.

So, with that being said, there are loads of things I could do better or be better at. And, if I’m honest, they are things I really want to get better at… I just need to get into a better routine and stop being so lazy.


This used to be one of my favourite things to do and, if I’m honest, one of the biggest source of traffic to my blog. I mean, I’m not sad that people don’t want to read what I’ve written about (bloggin’ is for me, yo) but I do miss the interaction and the community that I used to have on old blogs.

(I’m already failing at this as, while reading this post, I’ve just read about 12 blog posts and opted to just press the ‘love’ button on Bloglovin’…)


I’ve gone a bit anti social media. It wasn’t intentional… A few things happened and then everything that I read just pissed me off. People can’t help it, it’s just the way it is. However, I’m very aware that the community I’m on about can’t even exist if I don’t spend time chatting or interacting with people. #mybad


I’ve had a bit of reshuffle of my instagram, there’s still a way to go. I don’t have a ‘theme’, but I’ve taken to editing photos in the same way to tie them in together and I like the way it works. I just didn’t like the way it looked – so I changed it! There’s still a way to go and I need to actually remember to upload photos on there, but it’s working so far. I should probably update my bio too and actually add my blog link – damn that online identity anxiety.


I have loaaaads of ideas for posts. I have several pending and I have hundreds of drafts that I want to write about. But, can I get them out and posted regularly? Nope. I’m more of a ‘taken by the moment’ blogger apparently and I’ve always been the same. However, I do have ideas and I do want to post them, I’ve just gotta make sure I dedicate the time to write what I want to write and get it out there.

What blogging things do you need to get better at?