Six Good Things From August

I have spent just about all of August relaxing and trying to recuperate after another busy year of teaching. Although I spent a little bit of time here and there, most of the holiday has been dedicated to just listening to my body and doing whatever it said it wanted to do. That means there were many hours spent watching¬†Desperate Housewives,¬†writing blog posts and generally just being a bit of slob. I haven’t even wanted to do a lot of reading – something which has been extra strange as the summer holidays are usually when I get most of my reading done.

So, what have I been doing?


Yep, you read correctly. Right at the beginning of the month I finally took the plunge and bought myself the piano I’ve always wanted. It’s not a proper grand piano as I don’t have the space, but it is a gorgeous electric piano and I absolutely love it.

I actually taught myself how to play the piano when I was a kid (I can play lots of instruments, it wasn’t just a random thing I did one day) and I played in a Big Band at university. Since then, my piano skills – if you can call them that – got very dusty as I didn’t have the opportunity to play. I’ve really enjoyed playing and spent hours at a time learning some new songs.


Recently, I’ve been going out on a Friday and Saturday night more and more often. Nothing to major: a few cocktails, a good boogie and a brilliant portion of cheesy chips on the way home. It’s nice to get out, meet friends and get social for a few hours. Not too late though, my 9 o’clock bedtime is calling.


Okay, so the road trips themselves might not have been the most successful with one of them resulting in the ending of a 10 year friendship, but they sure as hell answered a lot of questions. It was also pretty cool just spending time with the best one, dancing to songs and laughing like we’ve never laughed before.


One of the road trips mentioned above was actually to our traditional summer camping trip. I’ve been going on this trip for nearly a decade now with my family friends and it’s always a highlight of the summer.

Admittedly, it’s full of kids and lots of questions from adults asking why I haven’t found a boyfriend yet or telling me I’m nearly past my prime, but I do enjoy the quality time I get to spend with the boy I’ve babysat since he was 6 months old (he’s nearly 13 now!!) and getting away from the business of normal life.


I’m apparently quite a bit of a creative soul… who knew, eh? It turns out, every time I go to my parents house, I find a new project to fill the time that I spend there. At Christmas it was embroidery hoops and this summer it is apparently making skirts on the sewing machine. It hasn’t been easy, and the first two took a bit of faffing to make sure they sat right on my, but I finally got there and made myself five new skirts for the new term.

The best bit? No one else will have a skirt like it!


I had quite a turbulent year last year and between all the events that happened, as well as a foot operation that resulted in me not being able to walk for six months, I put on nearly a stone in weight.

After talking it through with the doctor, looking to see what my options are, I’m happy to report that in the past two months I’ve managed to lose just over 10 pounds! I’m so close to losing all the weight I put on and I intend to keep going, trying to get my body feeling a little bit more like me again. Lots more games of netball and swimming laps to go!

What are your favourite things from August?