September: A New Beginning

Tomorrow I go back to work for the new academic year and so I thought I’d bring you this little bonus post. As a teacher, my mind tends think a ‘new year’ is in September because it’s a time where my students often see themselves at having a new beginning. I’ve found that over the years, I’ve become a lot more reflective at this time of year, rather than the usually end of Christmas hullabaloo.

The beginning of term is crazy and I promise this is no exaggeration. So, in order to get myself ready, I like to do a few things to get me set up for the new year, as well as set myself some goals so I don’t get too lost in the crazy. I’ve noticed a lot fo posts about things people are doing to get ready for September, so it seems like I’m not alone! Two posts from Sophie Cliff have been my favourite, which you can find here and here!



Every few months, I have a complete clear out of the house. I go through every cupboard, look in every box and make brutal choices about what can stay and what can do. In fact, 2017 was the great year of when in doubt, chuck it out and, when we moved, it was a wonder how I had anything left to move.

I spent a good chunk of time one afternoon/evening, going through everything and *shudder* changing over wardrobes to a more autumn/ winter vibe, ready for going back to school.


I was meant to be having a sort of spend free month, or at least watching what I was spending and trying to be good, but that definitely didn’t happen. Instead, I spent a little too much money in New Look getting some new clothes for work but, do you know what? I’m not even nearly sorry.


I’m not very good at keeping a diary or being organised in my personal life, but around this time of year I always find myself desperate for a diary to try and unscramble my brain. I spent a good half an hour or so at work just going through my diary, adding all the dates we’ve got so far and trying to get ahead of the game.



It’s so easy to get caught up in the craziness of a new school year and lose routines, something which I took to the extreme last year, making myself very sick. The biggest one is making time each day to read a book and turn off a bit. I try to read every night before I go to bed (except when Love Island is on, whoops), so I’m hoping if I can keep this in my day I can make sure I have some wind down time.


I’m already someone that plays a fair amount of sports – I’m a big netball player and can play anything from two to six games of netball a week. However, because it’s not always set in stone, I’d like to make sure I get back into the swimming game. I’m hoping to go 2-3 times a week, but I’m not sure how that’s going to go!


A lot can happen in a year, especially at a school. However, I always tell my kids that a new teacher means a new start – you get to start fresh, make new impressions and learn from the mistakes you made the year before. That’s no different for me! My first day back in September is like a new, fresh start for me too and I can’t wait to get stuck in!

How do you get ready for September?